I wear different robes and I move and shift with them
Sometimes I’m the warrior woman, the goddess,
the divine feminine
Sometimes I’m the little girl lost in the woods
Sometimes I’m the maiden, sometimes the crone

Sometimes I’m the priestess, the medicine woman
Sometimes the virgin, sometimes the whore
Sometimes the…

I moved to El Nido in January

The flowers started blooming one by one, the highway lined with color

From the reds of the fire tree, the purples of the banaba, the white and pink of the balayong

You could walk to the sea from where I lived

The streets…

Walk barefoot in a forest

Let the earth carry your weight

Swim naked in the ocean

Let the waves wash away your pain

Gaze at the bright full moon

She listens without judgement

Watch a sunset and let it remind you

You survived another day

The next morning let the same sun kiss your soft skin

And let the wind embrace your vessel that is your body

Lay under the stars

Count your blessings one by one

You being one of them

Day by day becoming

Blossoming like the flowers of Spring

Remind yourself that the only kind of belonging you ever needed

Was of Nature than that of man

falling in love again with the subtle details

of this old room, a space I made for me

a place always patiently waiting for my return

the dried flowers and the empty jars

the unfinished artworks, paint brushes old and new

the music instruments, that in time grew out of…

I owe a number of people a response to, "How are you?"

This question has not always been easy to answer. Even with my occasional response of "good good" it was always more than that.

I wanna tell you, I really do.

But do you have time? Would you sit…

They say words are spells
And so I write this with my blackest ink,
You will not leave me on a Tuesday, or the first time you learned about my depression.

You won’t leave me in Shangri-la, after an argument about what I’m wearing;
You won’t leave me in a foot…

In what ways do you feel beautiful?

I was recently posed with this question by a good friend who is making her way to the world sharing snippets of her life and thoughts through videos.

In what ways do you feel beautiful? I sat with this question and the answer…

The body has its innate capacity to heal.

This is a lesson I keep learning and relearning whether it’s for the physical, mental, or the emotional aspect of it.

One afternoon, I was invited by a dear sister mentor if I could participate in her photoshoot for her website to…

What is your name, where are you from?

We all know the myth of man being molded from clay, and God breathing life into it.

We are until now, shaped by our sacred land. The air that we breathe, and the sacred light and water sources that sustain life.

Photo by Jason Apolonio


Shane Frances

a thousand half poems

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